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All models break down to 3 sizes!




6 ft! 12.5 ft. 18 ft.
1/3 2/3 3/3

Only 5 to 10 extra minutes to set up with no tools!  Since they come apart, the removed sail lasts longer and the exposed frame is very easy to inspect!

For some the best compromise between transporting size and setup time!  Only the outer third of the leading edges are quickly removed.

The packing size of most hang gliders

FEXGLIDERS are very fast to rig from this length!

Locked inside most cars!

Locked inside larger vehicles! 

Tied on top of cars.

(For exact package length, please check each model's data.)

2 different bag sizes (your choice):

"Small Bag"

"Long Bag"

Designed for 6 ft. packing only.  Small, easy to fold and pack in your harness!  A cocoon or kneehanger harness, chute, helmet and instruments can fit inside.  With shoulder straps and padding!  Great for hiking!

Fits all 3 pack lengths

No shoulder straps

Basically a normal hang glider bag

The other bag size can be purchased as an extra option.  Both have the same price. 


2 different types of uprights (your choice):.

Aerosafe (rubber trailing edge)

Aerofoil (all aluminum)

Better for sweaty hands and gloves

Better for smaller hands

Both stronger than round tubing, have practically the same weight, and drag reduction.


Take your HG with you, wherever you go!  Hitch-hike or take the bus back after a cross country flight, with your glider!  Go flying by bus!  Take the tram, train, subway, elevator (don't get any ideas!)...  The possibilities of this great convenience are endless!   But there is more:  Damaged leading edge?  Not that this will ever happen to you, but if it did, you won't need to buy the whole thing:  just replace the damaged section!  Drive through the car wash whenever you want!

No road?  No problem!  These are the easiest gliders to hike with!

You carry it, and it carries you!

FINSTERWALDER hang gliders have an excellent safety record.  All models have been DHV tested and certified, and have received the highest ratings in tests performed by the hang gliding press in Europe!  In both:  flight characteristics and performance!  Not to even mention the "small" and "medium" packing options and the superior materials and finish!
All our gliders feature a slanted control bar and excellent static balance which helps significantly on ground handling and landings.  Our "bayonet" style telescoping fittings which allow our gliders to break down small, also make them super strong!  Main frame components: leading edges, keel and cross-bar tubing are therefore reinforced, making a super strong structure!  FINSTERWALDER's "Quick Sail Removal System" makes FEXGLIDERS last longer, easier to inspect and service, and permits Mylar leading edge reinforcement.  Our long proven "keyhole" wire attachment design, allows the sail to be quickly removed from the frame w/no tools!

The glider frames and battens are made of seamless drawn 7075 T6 alloy *"Perunal" tubing (Al, Zn, Mg, Cu) with a wall thickness between 0,45 and 0,9 mm, and a strength of 650 N/mm˛.  FINSTERWALDER introduced the use of this expensive alloy to HG.  All tubing is finely polished, anodized, and thoroughly inspected.  Aerodynamically shaped, forged (not cast) aircraft quality aluminum fittings.  Super-light, faired king post and downtubes: "AEROSAFE" (rubber trailing edge), "AEROFOIL" (all aluminum) or round tubing available.  We have specially designed quick release fittings for very fast rigging!  Our factory produces also hang glider components, fittings, high-strength / ultra light-weight faired downtubes, control-bar wheels, quick-pins, detent-buttons, special carabiners, rescue-system construction parts, instrument mounts, helmets and more.  *Perunal tubing is just as light as carbon tubing yet much more impact resistant!  

FINSTERWALDER has been producing excellent hang gliders that pack small since 1974!  Engineer Thomas Finsterwalder's early model, the "BERGFEX", weighing less than 24 LB.!!!, was the first HG to fly of Mount Kilimanjaro and many other sites!  The company's goal has always been to make hang gliders that are easy to fly, strong and light, and can be packed small.  Never intended to sacrifice handling over performance. FEXGLIDERS were designed to be fun to fly, easy to carry, store and transport.  User friendly hang gliders that will keep pilots smiling in the air and on the ground for years!  Even high performance SPEEDFEX handles very well, and is rated "intermediate" by the DHV!  Originally conceived for mountain climbers, where portability and light weight were a high priority, FEXGLIDERS have evolved into the most excellent flying machines!  Each model is rated today at the top of it'sclass!