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   Kingpost hang point

   21 top surface battens
   8 lower surface battens
   6 internal sail ribs
   Fully enclosed washout tips
   Faired uprights
   Faired kingpost
   Flying wire tensioners (always tight)
   Mylar leading edges
   Sets up flat or upright
   Padded Speedbar
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  Surface 149.5 ft²
  Span 32 ft. 10 in
  Glider weight 65 LB
  Double surface 90%
  Glide ratio 12+ : 1
  Nose angle 130°
  Speed: 18 to 62 mph!
  Keel enclosed VG 4:1
  Hook in wight:

  132 TO 220 Lbs.

  DHV class 2 (int.)

XC performance! - VG and many fine innovations!


Feels very stable and well balanced on your shoulders, not tail or nose heavy.  Ground handling is easy due to a very slanted "A" frame, lower-side (flying) wire tensioners, light weight and excellent static balance.  The perfect angle is exactly where it balances, and you're ready to run!  "CLEAR"!  Just a few steps an you're off...


So superb and easy, that the glider was rated "class 2" (intermediate) by the DHV, in spite of it's high performance!  Feels neutral when banked in a thermal and can be flown quite slowly to maximize climb.  With VG off, it feels like a single surface glider!  The control bar feels nice and solid.  Easily controllable even with VGA full on.  Technically, a state of the art aircraft!  The 4x VG is tucked away INSIDE the keel tube (still easily accessible) and the pitch compensator is incorporated INSIDE the kingpost (special new fittings were developed for this purpose).  This feature optimizes performance, handling and pitch stability!  Another innovation are the WIRE TENSIONERS, which keep the lower rigging tight, when the variable geometry is loose!  This adds to safety, since the "whiplash" effect in turbulent air is greatly reduced, and eases ground handling.  One good pull on the VG and you won't even know it is bumpy!


The flare authority is amazing!  A very slanted "A" frame, slow speed and kingpost hang, contribute to make the SPEEDFEX seem like on "Power Brakes".  IT REALLY STOPS!




Good penetration and plenty of speed when you want to, excellent sink rate and VG range, plenty of glide and comfort for cross-country flying, yet weighing only 65 lbs!  The SPEEDFEX features the finest engineering available for performance and fun flying.  FINSTERWALDER´s goal on all designs!



ONLY FEXGLIDERS CAN BE EASILY SHORT PACKED EVERY DAY!  We have perfected the BACKPACK system since1974.  Our patented "Quick Sail Removal System" (taking only 5 to 10 extra minutes with no tools!) also extends sail life considerably and makes frame components easy to inspect!  You save the time it takes to tie the glider on the roof of your car, and the small bag fits easily in your harness...  The SPEEDFEX also rigs faster than average from the long pack.  The crossbar can be easily tensioned while the glider is standing or lying on the ground, without having to reach into the lower sail.  When folding the "A" frame to set the glider on the ground, automatically loosens the cross-bar!  Quick release and set-up fittings all around!  No other hang glider can beat the SPEEDFEX´s PERFORMANCE, HANDLING and SET UP SPEED FROM ANY SIZE!


The complete SPEEDFEX frame is constructed from seamless drawn and polished 7075 alloy.  The telescopic leading edge tubing has an ideal strength/weight ratio (62x0,9 mm, 60x0,8 mm, and 52x0,8 mm tubes).  The 62x0,9 mm diameter has TWICE the stiffness of traditional 50x0,9 mm material, and is barely any heavier.  So the reinforcing could be shortened a great deal.  The greater stiffness in the leading edge tubing results in a tighter sail, increased performance, and more responsive handling.  The sail is made from high-strength, light-weight, long-lasting Dacron ripstop.  The upper sail has one line inserted next to the leading edge, parallel to the main direction of tension.  The leading edge is from washable Mylar with grid reinforcement and has been pulled well down into the lower sail.  For the sail battens alone, we saved over 1 kg in weight by using 12x0,45mmÆ  tubing measurements, instead of the conventional Æ 10x1 mm material.   Attention to detail can be appreciated throughout.
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The SPEEDFEX offers more air time than any other glider!.